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How It Works ?

When ordering your shopping online most websites provide the option to give a  ‘Special Instruction’ or ‘Other Information’.


With in that section you need to write a clear instruction for the delivery driver, telling him where your SmarTdeliveryBoX is and left open lid for courier .


The order is placed and the courier is sent the delivery note.
The courier will have your address and special instruction that you requested when
placing the order.


When the courier arrives at your address they will locate your SmarTdeliveryBoX via the instructions you provided them.
They will open lid .The courier will place your parcel inside the SmarTdeliveryBoX and scan the unique bar code that is placed on the inside of the lid.
This will be the proof of signature

The Courier will then close and press the SmarTdeliveryBoX lid (just click).


When you return home , open the lid by key and retrieve your parcels from the security of your SmarTdeliveryBoX .