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How big is SmarTdeliveryBoX ?

H: 46cm  W: 30cm  D: 46cm








How big is Small SmarTdeliveryBoX ?

H: 46cm  W: 30cm  D: 25,5cm

LETTER MAIL SLOT     H: 2cm D: 20cm


How big is Multi SmarTdeliveryBoX ?

H:110cm W:40cm D:40cm

PARCEL SLOT H:30cm W:30cm D:30cm


Is Multi SmarTdeliveryBoX is for Multiple delivery ?

Multi SmarTdeliveryBoX  is invented specifically for multiple deliverys .

This is anti -theft  Multi SmarTdeliveryBoX.


Is SmarTdeliveryBoX secure?

SmarTdeliveryBoX is of a robust, steel construction. It is easily fitted using the pre-drilled

holes in the back and base of the unit. Our weather resistant lock rating (moisture and

dust protection). A unique ‘digital signature’ label is positioned to the underside of the lid

and the courier will either use your barcode or QR code as proof of your signature.


Are items delivered to a SmarTdeliveryBoX insured?

It’s best to check with your home contents insurance provider. However, most insurers

would class SmarTdeliveryBoX as an outbuilding, so items delivered into it would normally

be covered by your home contents insurance.


How does the courier know what to do?

The courier simply uses the details that you provided at the checkout SmarTdeliveryBoX location and user

courier instruction on the top of lid.

The courier will find your SmarTdeliveryBoX and deposit the items inside.

When you arrive home just open SmarTdeliveryBoX with the key .


What if the delivery requires a signature?

SmarTdeliveryBoX comes complete with your unique digital signature which is affixed to

the underside of the lid. The courier will use either your barcode or QR code as proof of

your signature.


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