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About SmarTdeliveryBoX


SmarTdeliveryBoX is a simple and secure locker. Parcel Delivery Drop Box for all

your internet shopping deliveries.

Now there’s no need to stay in and wait for a delivery when you can arrange

to have your online purchases delivered direct to your SmarTdeliveryBoX

outside your home.

The SmarTdeliveryBoX has a secure lock . The lock is easy JUST CLICK

for close and easy open via key.

The SmarTdeliveryBoX is a weatherproof parcel delivery box that has been

designed with quality and style to suit every home.

The SmarTdeliveryBoX is a durable, quality product that offers you a complete solutions

for all your home deliveries.

With simple installation the SmarTdeliveryBoX can be fixed to a wall or floor

or fence.

A unique label is affixed to the underside of the SmarTdeliveryBoX lid,

and is accepted as a signature for delivery, by the courier.

The SmarTdeliveryBoX is a steel container without any refrigeration therefore unsuitable for perishable goods.

If you are away from your premises, let the SmarTdeliveryBoX be your concierge service,

if someone needs to drop off an item you require and you cannot be

there to accept it, be it a gift, electrical equipment or an important document.

If you are a small business, use the SmarTdeliveryBoX to have documents,

parcels and other goods delivered and collected, leaving you to get on running

your business.

The Multiple SmarTdeliveryBoX is for more than one delivery .

You have a choice of front or rear door to receive packages.

Heavy and safe ,easy for use.

All of  Our products are made of high quality materials and are painted double paint anti UV and water resistant.

Maide in EU.